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组员:沈歆洋 徐靖恒 徐鸿毅 赵梓铭



There are all kinds of trains in the world. There are trains to carry people, trains to carry animals and trains to carry things. There are fast trains and slow trains. Some trains go under the ground and some trains go through hills. In big cities, the streets are usually very busy. So you can find trains under the ground and trains on a rail above the streets. They carry people in and out of the city. Can a train run over water? Yes, it can. There are many bridges over the river. The trains can easily run over the water. But it is not easy to build bridges. Many children have model trains. With the model trains they can build their own rails enjoy the wonderful world of trains.



  • ( C )1. There are ___________ kinds of trains in the world.

A. a few B. some C. many

  • ( C )2. Usually people like taking_____.

A. fast trains B. slow trains C. trains to carry people

  • ( C )3. In_____cities,the streets are usually busy.

A. tiny B. middle C. large

  • ( A )4. The underground trains carry people_____.

A. in and out of big cities B. in and out of countries C. run over water

  • ( B )5.Many children can enjoy the wonderful world of trains because they_____.

A. have real trains B. have model trains C. often take trains



6.Introduce a trip to your class.要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:In April,our class went to the forest park together.At the park,we saw beautiful flowers and woods.And we also play on the amusement facilities.For lunch,we had a picnic on the grass.We had a good time there.



Jack had some holidays. He wanted to go to the quiet place by train. He put on his best clothes and took a small bag. He got on the train. The train began to leave. Jack put his head out of the window. The wind blew his hat away. He felt anxious(焦急的).He quickly took his small bag and threw(扔)It out of the window. He said ,“ there's my name and address(地址)on my bag. Someone will find my hat and bag. And he will send me the bag and the hat.”



  • ( T )1.Jack took the train to the quiet place.
  • ( F )2.Before he got to the train station, the train had gone(离开).
  • ( F )3.The wind blew his small bag away.
  • ( T )4.He quickly threw his small bag out because he could tell someone to send his bag and hat back.
  • ( F )5.Jack didn't like his bag, so he threw it.


6.Do you agree with the way he retrieved(取回) his hat? And why?要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:We don't agree with it.We think he would not get his hat back if he do like this.Because the wind would blow the hat and the bag to different places and people cannot recognize.This idea can't work well.




Toys are children’s favourite. Children like to play with their toys when they are free. There are many kinds of toys, such as dolls, cars, robots, Lego, puzzles, puppets, Gameboys and so on. Toys are made of different materials(材料).Many toys can really help children think and use their hands. Some toys can make children strong and healthy. But not all the toys are good. Some masks are monster-like. Children are afraid of them. Some people like to keep their toys when they are grown-up. How about you?



  • ( C )1. Children like _______ best.

A. money B. Gameboys C. toys

  • ( B )2. Children like to play with toys_____.

A. in class B. in free time C. when they do homework

  • ( C )3. Toys are made of different______.

A. wood B. plastic C. materials

  • ( C )4. Children are afraid of______.

A. masks B. monsters C. monster-like masks

  • ( C )5.In the passage, ____ can help children think.

A. Lego and robots B. dolls and cars C. many toys



6.What kind of toys do you like?要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:We like lego best.Because it is not only interesting and playful,but can help us think as well.Most teenagers like playing lego because they can relax while playing it.And it is a kind of way to make us cleverer.So We prefer to play lego in our free time.



Dickens, a great English writer, was born in a small town of England in 1812.When Dickens was nine years old, his family came to London, the capital of England. There were lots of younger children in his family. They were not rich, so their life was hard, and Dickens could not go to school. He didn't go to school until his father came out of prison (监狱). At that time he was twelve years old. But he didn’t finish school.Two years later, he began to work. He often went to the library to read books. He read a lot. Then Dickens wrote lots of novels (小说) and stories all his life. Dickens died over a hundred years ago, but people are still reading his books.



  • ( F )1.Dickens was a singer.
  • ( T )2.He was born in England.
  • ( F )3.Dickens and his brothers could go to school.
  • ( T )4.Dickens liked reading books.
  • ( T )5.People still read his books now.


6.What kind of books do you like to read?要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:Some of us like reading novels,because we feel relaxed while reading these kinds of books.It can be interesting,moving,or exciting.Novels are ususlly very,very long.Some of them even have more than thousands of chapters.Eventhough the books are so thick,we still like reading it because it can give us a lot of fun.

2. 使用了部分简单的长难句,可适当增加一些复杂的长句;文中能较准确地使用高级词汇,但词汇表达仍贫乏;文章结构不错,使用了丰富的衔接词和过渡词。



A rich man and a poor singer live in the same building. The rich man lives on the fifth floor and the singer lives on the fourth floor. The singer likes singing. But the rich man doesn't like that; he likes to sleep.One day, the rich man says to the singer, “I have you a bag of money every month if you stop singing.”“OK.” says the singer. So he stops singing and becomes a rich man. But he isn't happy. He wants to sing. At last, the singer says to the rich man, “Here’s your money. I don’t want your money, and I want to sing every day. "He starts to sing again and he is happy.



  • ( B )1. The rich man and the poor singer live in_______.

A. the same room B. different floors C. different buildings

  • ( B )2. The rich man likes _______.

A. money B. to sleep C. the singer’s songs

  • ( A )3. The rich man gives money to the singer; he wants him to______.

A. stop singing B. sing for him C. be a good friend of him

  • ( C )4. At last, the singer wants________.

A. much money B. to sleep C. to sing again

  • ( B )5._________can make the singer happy.

A. Money B. Singing C. Sleeping



6.Do you think happiness is important for us? Why?要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:We think healthy is the most important thing to us.Because if we are healthy,we can do anything we like and we can be free.Eventhough we have a lot of money,we are unhealthy,that is not good for us as well.



What are those little green lights on the grass flying in the yard? Are they monsters? Are they UFOS? No, they aren’t monsters and they aren’t UFOS. They are fireflies(萤火虫). Fireflies are little insects that glow(发光) with a cool green light. If you touch one, it won't burn you. Frogs, bats and birds don't like to eat animals that glow. The glow helps fireflies keep safe. Sometimes we call fireflies glowworms. You can catch fireflies and keep them in a jar, but don’t forget to let them go away.



  • ( T )1.The little green lights can fly.
  • ( F )2.Fireflies are UFOS.
  • ( F )3.If you touch the green light, it will burn you.
  • ( T )4.Some fireflies protect themselves by the light.
  • ( T )5.Birds don't like to eat glowing animals.


6.What other animals can glow? Please introduce it.要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:There is a kind of fish that can glow.People call it as"glowing fish". They live deep in the water and they can make cool lights. Just like the fireflies,their ligts are not used to make them beautiful, the lights are used to protect themseves.




Dear Danny,
Welcome to China next week! Now I want to tell you about Chinese meals(膳食).We Chinese people have three meals every day. We have breakfast at about 7: 00.We have eggs, bread, noodles, milk, or other food for breakfast. Lunch is a big meal of a day in China. We always have lunch at about 12. 00. Students have lunch at school on school days. Workers have lunch at their companies(公司). We have rice, vegetables, meat, soup, or other food for lunch. We always have dinner at home at about 6: 0 P. m. We have rice, vegetables, fish and meat. The dinner is usually big too.
In a word I think Chinese food is very delicious. Please remember to have some Chinese food when you come to China. I hope you will like it.

Your friend,



  • ( B )1. Peter wants to tell Danny about________.

A. Chinese clothes B. Chinese meals C. Chinese festivals

  • ( C )2. ________ people have ________meals every day.

A. Western, four B. Chinese, four C. Chinese, three

  • ( A )3. In China both________and________are big meals.

A. lunch, dinner B. breakfast, lunch C. breakfast, dinner

  • ( C )4. Students have________.

A. lunch at school at weekends B. breakfast at school on school days C. lunch at school on school days

  • ( A )5.Who will come to China next week?

A.  Danny. B. Peter. C. Peter's sister.



6.小组讨论:Introduce a Chinese cuisine(美食) to your foreign friend.要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:In China,There is a lot of delicious food.So today,We will introduce the mooncake ,it is my favorite food in China.Mooncake looks like a circle,because it means moon.We often eat it during the Mid-autumn Festival.We celebrate it to honor a lady called ChangE.The mooncake is usually sweet,and sometimes it can be salty.For us,we like all the flavours.



Birds live in trees. But do you know that some frogs live in trees too? Look, there are some tree frogs in the tree. Can you find them?We can' t find the frog easily(容易地). Because the frogs can change colours. On the green leaves, it is green. On a brown branch, it changes to brown. Some tree frogs can change from green to golden or blue. The frogs have legs and strong feet. They will stick in the tree and will not fall from trees. They make different noises in spring and summer. One frog can make a noise like a dog and another frog can make a noise like a bird.



  • ( F )1.The frogs are all green.
  • ( T )2.They have strong feet so they will not fall.
  • ( F )3.All the frogs live in the water.
  • ( F )4.All the frogs live in the water.
  • ( T )5.Some frogs can make a noise like a dog.


6.小组讨论:Introduce a country’s national treasure animal.要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:The panda is the national treasure animal in China.It is black and white,just look like a cute doll.It only eats bamboos,but it eats a lot,so the number of pandas soon become very few.To be a good citizen,we should protect the pandas and other animals,not hurting them.




China is a big country, so the weather in the south is quite different from that in the north. In Shanghai, we have warm and wet spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter. But in some parts of China, such as Hainan, Guangdong and Yunnan, it is always warm and hot there. People never see snow there. In winter, a lot of tourists come to Hainan, and enjoy the sunshine at the beach. Many people like to go to Yunnan, too. Because the weather there is warm and is like spring in all the seasons. But some people like cold weather. In the north of China, children can make snowmen and play with snowballs. It is fun to play outside while it is snowing. That’s why more people come to Harbin in winter to spend their holidays there.



  • ( B )1. In winter it’s very cold in the north, but it’s_______in the south.

A. cold B. warm C. cool

  • ( B )2. Many people go to Hainan to ______in winter. 

A. see the sun B. enjoy the sunshine C. play with snowballs

  • ( C )3. _____is in the north of China.

A. Yunnan B. Guangdong C. Harbin

  • ( C )4. Children can make snowmen when it is______.

A. raining B. wind C. snowing

  • ( A )5.The weather is so different in China because our country is____.

A.  big B. small C. beautiful


6.What’s your team favorite weather? Why?要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:Our favorite season is winter.Because when it is snowy in winter,we can make a snowman,have a snowball fight and other fun activities.For us,it is very interesting.Eventhough it is very cold,we enjoy the beautiful season and enjoy the things we do.



Hank lived in a small town, but then he got a job in a city and moved there with his wife and his two children. On the first Saturday in their new home, Hank took his new red car out of the garage(汽车间) and was washing it when a neighbour came by. When he saw Hank’s new car, the neighbour stopped and looked at it for a minute. Then Hank turned and saw him. The neighbour said, “That’s a nice car.Is it yours?” “Sometimes.”Hank answered. The neighbour was surprised. “Sometimes?” he said,“What do you mean?” “Well,” answered Hank slowly, “when there’s a party in the town, it belongs(属于) to my daughter, Jane. When there's a football game somewhere, it belongs to my son, Joe. When I’ve washed it, and it looks really nice and clean, it belongs to my wife. And when it needs gas(汽油), it’s mine.”



  • ( F )1.Hank lives in a small town now.
  • ( T )2.Hank got a job in a city and moved there with his family.
  • ( T )3.Jane used the car when she went to parties.
  • ( T )4.Hank had two children.
  • ( F )5.Hank and his family had three cars.


6.Who is your team favorite teacher?Why?要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:Our favorite teacher is our English teacher,because she always tells us fun stories during the English class.In the class,we enjoy the 35 minutes and likes the activities very much.We learn new words,new grammars and new stories.We all like the English class and like our English teacher,Miss Zhang very much.

2.注意“we enjoy the 35 minutes and likes the activities very much.”中确认likes主谓一致。



My dad works from Monday to Friday in a bank. He uses the computer to count money. His job is very important. So he is an important man in the bank. Dad is also busy at home. At weekends he cooks dinner. Usually he cooks Italian food. On Sundays he makes spaghetti(意大利面条). He makes pizza. Sometimes he cooks chicken and makes Chinese food. My mum watches and helps. I help my dad too. I wash the dishes. Many people think it’s strange for a man to cook. My dad enjoys his hobby. Cooking relaxes him. He is a weekend cook.



  • ( B )1. What does the writer’s dad do?

A. He is a cook. B. He is a bank clerk. C. C. He has no job.

  • ( C )2. What does the writer’s dad cook?

A. He cooks Italian food. B. He cooks Chinese food. C. Both A and B.

  • ( B )3. ________ have in groups.

A. On Mondays. B. At weekends. C. On Sundays.

  • ( B )4. What’s the writer’s dad’s hobby?

A. Swimming. B. Cooking. C. Working.

  • ( A )5.Which of the following is Italian food?

A. The pizza. B. The dumpling. C. The hamburger.



6.Prepare a healthy breakfast for your team要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:From our discusstion,we all think that breakfast is very,very important.For a healthy breakfast,what should we eat?We should have some bread,a glass of milk and an apple.That is a healthy diet.We should not skip breakfast,because if we don't have breakfast,we won't have enough energy for the morning.



An old tiger lived in the forest. He didn’t want to look for food. He often told other animals to bring him something to eat. He saw a monkey and said. “I am hungry, Monkey. Go to the village and bring me a fat pig.”
 “Oh, Tiger, ” said the monkey. "I can’t do that now. There is another tiger over there. He also wants to get a fat pig. He will not let me get anything for you to eat. I’m afraid of him. ” 
 “What? ” said the old tiger. “Show me that tiger. I want to talk to him.”
 “ Come with me,” said the monkey. The monkey and the tiger got to a bridge over the river.
 “Now look down at the river,” said the monkey,
 “Do you see the head, the white teeth and large green eyes of a tiger? ”
  “Yes, I do. ” cried the old tiger, “I will eat him up. ” With these words, the tiger jumped into the water.



  • ( T )1.The old tiger wants a fat pig to eat.
  • ( T )2.The old tiger wants to look for food with the monkey.
  • ( F )3.The tiger is afraid of the monkey.
  • ( F )4.There is another tiger in the river.
  • ( T )5.The monkey is clever.

6.Is there another tiger in the river?Why would the monkey do that? And how does the monkey do? 要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:There isn't a tiger in the river.The old tiger was treated by the monkey.The monkey does not want to hurt the fat pig,so he thinks of an idea to treat the tiger.He says that there is a fierce tiger in the river,and the tiger belived him.When the tiger sees his shadow in the river,he thinks that it is the fierce tiger,so he jumps into the river to fight with him,but in fact,he is treated.

2.“hurt pig”“treat tiger”为中式英语,“belived”注意单词拼写。



Both people and insects are animals. But insects don’t have bones in their body. They have a hard shell. Insects are different from other animals because they have six legs. Many insects have wings. Some insects live alone. Others live in big groups. Bees and ants live in groups. They live in big families and they have many different rooms in their nest. Insects live in dry places. In hot places, insects are everywhere you see. A few insects, but not too many live in oceans. In very cold places, like the North Pole (北极), they live in the fur(皮毛) of polar bears and other big and warm animals. Quite a lot of insects live in small rivers and lakes.



  • ( A )1. Insects don't have_______.

A. bones B. wings C. a hard shell

  • ( C )2. Insects have__________ legs.

A. two B. four C. six

  • ( C )3. ________ have in groups.

A. Bees B. Ants C. Both A and B

  • ( A )4. A few Insects live in_______.

A. oceans B. rivers C. lakes

  • ( C )5.In the North Pole,insects live________.

A. everywhere B. in oceans C. in the fur of polar bears


6.(小组讨论)Please discuss the most common insects in your team, and introduce it. (such as shape,habitat,etc.)要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:Among so many kinds of insects,We often see the ants on the road.They live in groups and always act together.Their actions are very alike so that we can know that they are very united.When they are walking,it looks like a long black line moving quickly.Most of us like ants,because they are very strong when they get in groups.



Tom is seven. He goes to school every day. The school is near his home. So he goes there on foot and comes back home on time. But today he is late. His mother asks him, “Why are you late today?” Tom asks his mother, “I was in the teachers’ office.” His mother says, “Why did you go to the teachers' office?” “Because my teacher asked us a question in class, and nobody could answer it, but I could.” Tom replied to his mother. His mother says, “It's good to answer the question.” Tom says,“But” the question was “Who puts ink on my chair?”



  • ( T )1.Tom lives near his school.
  • ( F )2.He goes to school and comes back home by bike every day.
  • ( T )3.Today Tom was late for school.
  • ( T )4.Tom put some ink on the teacher's chair.
  • ( T )5.The boy is very naughty

6.(小组讨论) Through group discussion, give Tom some suggestion. Please list the good habits / bad habits for school.要求不少于7句话,60个单词。
答:I think Tom should not do this to the teacher,because it ia very impolite.I think Tom should apologize to the teacher and promise that it won't happen next time.And then,he should show it to the teacher and be a good boy,not a naughty boy,not a sttoborn boy.




Do you know what parrots are? They are birds. They are usually bright, colourful and nice, and of course some can talk. Now, look at these fish. They are also bright, colourful and nice. People call them parrot fish, of course they are different from parrots, they can not talk. Parrot fish live in warm sea water near the coral(珊瑚). They help to clean the coral. They eat very small plants on the coral. This helps the coral grow. There are about 60 kinds of parrot fish in the world. They can change colours when they grow. Males(雄性) and females(雌性)have different colours.


1.Can parrot fish talk?
答:Some can and some can’t.

点评: 原文Of course they are different from parrots, they can not talk.

2.Where do parrot fish live?
答:In warm sea water near the coral.

3.What can parrot fish help the coral do?
答:Clean the caral.

点评: 注意拼写

4.How many kinds of parrot fish are there in the world?

5.Do males and females look the same or different?
答:They look different.

1.No, they can’t.
2.They live in warm sea water near the coral.
3.They can help to clean the coral./They eat small plants on the coral.
4.There are about 60 kinds of parrot fish in the world.
5.Males and females look different.

6.(小组讨论)Select the fish that your team would like to introduce. (such as shape,habitat(栖息地),food and species(种类) etc.)

答:The shark is a very dangerous kind of fish,and it is very fierce too.I am afraid of it.It lives deep in the sea and eats different kinds of small fish.



It's Saturday. The sun is shining. Jack and Jane go to the Peoples Park. There are many people in the park. Some are walking and some are singing and dancing. The children are playing ball games. There are some foreigners(外国人), too. They are from Germany(德国). They are talking with the students in English. They are all happy.



  • ( B )1. What day is it today?

A. Sunday B. Saturday C. Friday

  • ( C )2. What's the weather like today?

A. Cloudy B. Rainy C. Sunny

  • ( C )3. What are the children doing?

A. Singing and dancing B. Taking a walk C. Playing ball games

  • ( A )4. Where do the foreigners come from?

A. Germany B. America C. Japan

  • ( A )5.Are there many people in the park?

A. Yes, there are B. No. there aren’t C. Sorry, I don't know



6.(小组问题) Your team is going to the Century Park next weekend,what kind of activities will you plan to do?

答:We will ride our bicycles in the park,and if it is sunny,we will have a picnic.Everyone in our group should bring some food and drinks,or other things we like.And then,we can play some interesting games.How fun it will be!




It was a fine day. The weather was very hot. There was no rain for a long time. The ground was dry. The plants were dry and brown. There wasn’t any water in the river. The sun was shining. The animals were thirsty. They were under the tree. They were very hot. There were some birds on the branches. The birds were thirsty too. "I must have some water! A crow said to herself. Just then, she saw a jug. Is there any water in the jug?" She flew to the jug. She looked into the jug. There was some water in it. She could see the water inside, but she couldn’t reach it. The jug was very big and the crow was weak. She wanted to knock the jug down. "What can I do? The crow thought. Oh! There are some little stones on the path. I have an idea! "The crow was glad. She could put the little stones into the jug. The animals laughed at her. A zebra and a giraffe came and looked at the crow. The crow got the water at last. She thought, Yes, I’m tired, but I’m not thirsty! The animals thought,“ She isn’t stupid(愚蠢的).She' s very clever.” This story says: Hard work brings good things.



  • ( T )1. The weather was fine and hot.
  • ( F )2. The animals were very hungry and hot.
  • ( F )3. The crow could reach the water into the jug at first.
  • ( F )4. There are no stones on the path.
  • ( F )5. The crow is stupid.

6.(小组讨论)What are the good qualities(品质) of the cow that you can learn from?
答:I think the crow is very smart,because it knows to solve the problem using the things around her.If we have some problems,wu cannot stop doing it,we should think of different ideas to make the problem solved.



Jill is a doctor. She loves music. She plays the banjo (班卓琴). She plucks(拨)the strings to play the songs she likes best. Pluck, pluck, pluck. She can play all day long. She wants to play on the stage(舞台).The lights shine on her as she plays her banjo. All her friends come to see. It is her favourite dream. Her younger brother, Danny, is a police officer. He likes music too. He plays the drums with his sticks. He makes rat-a-tat sounds. He and Jill play different musical instruments(乐器). But they sound great. Maybe they will start a band(乐队)one day. They will be popular.


1.Does Jill play the banjo?
答:Yes,she does.

2.What does Jill want to do?
答:She wants to play the banjo on the stage.

3.What does Danny do?
答:He is a police officer.

4.Which musical instrument does Danny play?
答:He plays the drum.

5.Are their musical instruments the same or different?
答:Their musical instruments are different.

1.Yes,she does.
2.She wants to play banjo on the stage.
3.He is a police officer.
4.He plays the drum.
5.Their musical instruments are different.


6.(小组讨论)Do you like music?If your team will have a concert,How do you allocate(分配) each member's role?
答:I like music a lot.If our team will have a concert ,there will be a vocal,a drum player,a bass player and a piano player.We will practice a lot to make the performance perfect.