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Protect animal.png

1970 was World conservation(保护)Year. The United Nations wanted everyone to know that the world is in danger. They hoped that governments would act quickly in order to “conserve” nature. Here is one example of the problem. At one time there were 1,300 different plants, trees and flowers in Holland(荷兰),but now only 866 remain. The others have been destroyed by modern man and his technology. We can’t live without these things. We are changing the earth, the air an water, an everything that grows an lives. We can’t live without these things. If we continue like this, we shall destroy ourselves. What will happen in the future? Perhaps it is more important to ask What must we do now? "The people who will be living in the world of tomorrow are the young of today. A lot of them know that conservation in necessary. Many are helping to save our world. They plant trees, build bridges across rivers in forests, and so on. In a small town in the United States a large group of girls cleaned the banks of 11 kilometers of their river. Young people may hear about conservation through a record called “No one’s going to change our world”. It was made by the Beatles, Cliff Richard and other singers. The money from it will help to conserve wild animals.



  • ( C )1. There are fewer plants, trees and flowers in Holland now because_______.

A. there has been a lot of conservation in Holland now because
B. Holland does not need so many plants, trees and flowers
C. many plants, trees and flowers do not grow there any more
D. some plants, trees and flowers are dangerous

  • ( B )2. We shall destroy ourselves if we don’t stop changing________.

A. the United Nations
B. the earth, the air and water
C. our rivers and forests
D our governments

  • ( C )3.“ No one’s going to change our world” is________.

A. an Important book that came out in 1970
B. an idea that nobody would accept
C. a record that called on people to conserve nature
D. a rule that was made by the United Nations

  • ( D )4. What is the most important thing for us to do to save our world?

A. We should plant more trees and flowers.
B. We should clean the banks of our rivers.
C. We should know what will happen in the future.
D. We should know what we must do and begin to do it now.

  • ( C )5. What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. 1970 was World Conservation Year.
B. The United Nations wanted everyone to know that the world is in danger.
C. Conservation is necessary.
D. It is the young people who are helping to save our world.


6.小组问题:How can we spread the idea of “protecting the world and protecting nature”?至少60个单词。
答:We should not leave rubbish here and there.Do not spit anywhere in pubish.Do not walk grass or pick a flowers.Everyone should care for wild animals and plant more trees.We should do everything we can to protect the environment.


Learn English.png

What did the teacher say about your English subject? Here are some ways and they may help you to master the English subject. Speak without fear The biggest problem in learning a new language is fear. They worry they can’t say things correctly or that they will look fool, so they don’t talk at all. The fastest way to learn is to do it-again and again until you get it right. Use all of your resources Even if you study English at a language school, it doesn't mean you cant learn outside of class. Using as many different sources, methods and tools as possible will allow you to learn faster. There are many different ways you can improve your English, so don’t limit yourself to only one or two. Surround yourself with English The best way to learn English is to surround yourself with it. Take notes in English, put English books around your room, listen to English language radios, and watch English news, movies and television. Speak English with your friends whenever you can. The more English material you have around you, the faster you will learn. Listen to English music Listening to music can be a very effective method of learning English. In fact, it is often used as a way of improving comprehension. In this way, you can understand what you want. The way to learn is to get the lyrics(歌词)to the songs you are listening to and try to read them as the singers. If you don‘t know the meaning, look it up in the dictionary. This way you can practice your listening and reading at the same time.



  • ( A )7. What’s the biggest problem in learning a new language?

A. Fear.
B. Time.
C. Confidence.
D. Laugh.

  • ( B )8. What does the underlined word “comprehension” mean in this passage?

A. 模仿
B. 理解
C. 造句
D. 记忆

  • ( C )9.“Use all of your resources” doesn’t mean in learning English.

A. using many different sources.
B. singing many English songs.
C. limiting yourself to one or two ways.
D. using a Chinese-English dictionary.

  • ( D )10. Learning English wherever you are means“______”.

A.Use all of your resources
B. Listen to English music
C. Speak without fear
D. Surround yourself with English

  • ( D )11. What’s the best title of this passage?

A.Follow Your Teachers
B. Using English Can Learn Best
C. Importance of Learning English
D. Methods of English Learning


12.小组问题:How many learning methods are there in the passage? According to your study habit, which method will you choose to learn English? 至少60个单词。
答:We can take notes in English,put Englishbooks around your room,listen to English langnage radios and watch English news,movies and television.Speak English with your friends whenever you can.But we are also try us best to learn English well.


Protect environment.png

It’s our duty to protect our environment. People all over the world have come up with good ideas. In Britain, a popular shopping bag has been used by some of the world’s most beautiful women. Its official price is 5, but as much as f 400 online. The bag’s name is “I’m Not a Plastic Bag”. It is made of cotton. It is so “hot” that everyone wants to get one. Supporters see fashion as a way to move away from the plastic bags.In this way, not so many plastic bags will be given by supermarkets. When the bags were first sold, nearly 500 people waited in line to buy one. So far, about 20,000 of the popular bags have been sold at the second largest supermarket.Supporters think it is one of the ways to encourage shoppers to use the reusable bags instead of the plastic ones. The bag has also become a "must-have "for many famous people, just because they want to be fashionable and at the same time care about the environment. The designer of the bag has been asked to design a kind of bags by the “We Are What We Do” group. The group believes that each person in Great Britain uses about 167 plastic bags a year and that small lifestyle changes can have a strong effect on reducing waste and Protecting environment. It also believes that everyone should try his best to protect the earth from being polluted. Only in this way can our planet become more and more beautiful.



  • ( D )13. Where can we buy the popular bags?

A. In America.
B. In China.
C. In Germany.
D. In Britain.

  • ( B )14.We can use“______” to describe the bag.

A. Green
B. Colorful
C. Common
D. Expensive

  • ( C )15. Which of the followings is TRUE?

A. The popular bags sell at an official price of f 5 online.
B. So far. the popular bags have been sold at all the supermarkets in Great Britain.
C. Small lifestyles can have a strong effect on reducing waste and the environmental pollution.
D. “We Are What We Do” group means a business that sells bags.

  • ( D )16. What's the purpose of designing the popular bags?

A. To make money.
B. To help famous people.
C. To reduce the environmental pollution.
D. To make women fashionable.

  • ( D )17. From the passage, we can know_____.

A. the designer has been asked to develop the bag
B. it’s everyone’s duty to produce popular bags
C. each Person can use about 167 plastic bags every year
D. it’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment and produce less pollution


18.小组问题:How to understand “We Are What We Do”?至少60个单词。
答:We can do everything to protect the environment.


Traffic lights.png

Before roads needed traffic lights, railways had used signals(信号)to control train traffic. In early days, these signals included a ball and something that looked like a kite. When the kite was on top, it meant danger;when the ball was raised. it was safe. In 1841, a developed railway signal was used at the London station. It included a signal arm in the horizontal(水平的)position which meant "stop". The signal was painted red so that it was easy to see and could attract the drivers' attention. At night, oil lights were added on the top. A red light meant stop and a white light meant the drivers could go on. In January 1876, a train knocked on another train running ahead on the same road, because the signals were not clear enough. 13 people were killed in the accident and the others were badly hurt. Then people changed the signal. The signal for "stop" became a red light and a yellow light was added to tell the drivers to drive carefully. In 1893. a green light took the place of the white light, because the white light was often mistaken for a street or house light. Since railway signals were introduced, city of officials(官员)decided to try them out on the roads of London.



  • ( D )1. In early days, what did people use to control train traffic?

A. A ball.
B. Something that looked like a kite.
C. Lights.
D. A and B.

  • ( B )2. What did a white light mean in 1842?

A. The drivers must stop.
B. The drivers could go on.
C. It could attract the drivers' attention.
D. It was dangerous.

  • ( C )3. What happened in 1876?

A. There were 31 people killed in an accident.
B. There were few people hurt in an accident.
C. A train knocked on another train.
D. City officials decided to try three colors of lights out on the roads.

  • ( A )4.The passage mainly tells us_____.

A. the development of railway signal
B. the signal used to control train traffic
C. how train accidents happened
D. the different colors of traffic lights

  • ( D )5. The best title for this passage is“_____”

A.Colorful Traffic Lights
B.The problem of Traffic Signals
C. Road Signals
D. Railway Signals


6.小组问题:What is a traffic light? Why does it come in three colors?至少60个单词。
答:Traffic light is signal to control train traffic because it can tell the drivers to drive carefully and the while light was offen mistaken for a street or house light.


Protect environmental.png

Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)is a part of the federal(联邦的)government. It wants to improve Americans Environment. The EPA was founded in 1970.President(总统) Richard Nixon suggested the idea for this group. Before this time, there was not one group only taking care of the environment. The EPA was founded because Americans worried about the environment. They wanted cleaner water, air and land. The EPA received this huge task——improving the environment. Staff(工作人员)in the EPA were asked to write new ideas in order to make sure a cleaner environment can come true. The EPA has had many in the EPA was asked to write new ideas in order to make sure a cleaner environment can come true. The EPA has had many projects. They ask people to make a good use of energy. They also keep our air and water clean. And the EPA is always doing researches all the time to find new and better ways to keep our environment clean and healthy. There is also a project to help animal population increase. Slowly the work of the EPA is making our environment cleaner for all living in it.



  • ( D )7. Environmental Protection Agency is in_____.

A. England
B. Japan
C. Canada
D. America

  • ( A )8. The EPA appeared in____.


  • ( C )9. The EPA only takes care of____.

A. President Richard Nixon

B. Americans
C. environment
D. animal populations

  • ( D )10. Why were people in the EPA asked to write new ideas?

A. To protect the environment.
B. It is a better and new way to keep our environment clean and healthy.
C. To help animal populations increase.
D. To make sure a cleaner environment can come true.

  • ( A )11. How does the EPA look for new and better ways to improve our environment?

A. By doing researches all the time.
B. By getting the ideas from their president.
C. By writing the e new ideas by itself.
D. By asking people in their country.


12.小组问题:What are the EPA's responsibilities(职责)? How do we protect the environment? 至少60个单词。
答:Environmental Protection Agency is protect the environment.We should not rubbish here and there.Do not spit anywhere in public.Do not walk on grass or pick flowers.Everyone should care for wild animals and plant more trees.In short,we should do everything we can to protect the environment.


Save water.png

People all over the world are looking for ways to save energy and natural resources(资源) to protect our environment. Here's an example of saving water. A doctor called called Jack and Todd is very interested in cleaning water as well as saving money, so he has tried many ways, and in the end he developed a small and affordable system to clean waste water-the Living Machine. The machine can clean waste water in our home and in our business. The machine can clean waste water. First, the waste water goes into a big plastic tank. In the tank, the wastes start to break down. Second, a few days later, the water is brought into a greenhouse full of plants and fish. With the help of sunlight, plants and animals, many chemicals can be removed from the water. That makes the water cleaner. Then the water can be used for washing or bathing. Though it can’t be used for drinking or cooking, the water is clean enough to water the flowers, wash the dog and bathe. This technology is good for the environment. It can also help to save fresh water and it can help provide the unpolluted water. If we take actions to do something to save energy on the earth, our planet will have a longer life and our life will be better.



  • ( C )13. Who developed the machine that can make waste water into fresh water?

A. A teacher.
B. A soldier.
C. A doctor.
D. An engineer.

  • ( A )14. Where is the Living Machine used?

A. In our home and In our business.
B. In a factory and in a company.
C. In a company and in our business.
D. In our home and in a factory.

  • ( D )15. What is the water cleaned by the machine used for?

A. Eating.
B. Drinking
C. Cooking.
D. Washing and bathing

  • ( B )16. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The Living Machine needn't sunlight.
B. A few days later, the water is brought into a greenhouse full of plants and fish.
C. Cleaning waste water in the machine is very easy.
D. This technology is good for the farmers.

  • ( D )17. What's the main idea of the passage?

A. The Living Machine is used to clean sea water.
B. The Living Machine can clean waste water.
C. The Living Machine can provide fresh water for people.
D. The Living Machine is good for the environment and it can save energy.


18.小组问题:How does the Living Machine save water? And how can we save water in our daily life?至少60个单词。
答:First, the waste water goes into a big plastic tank. In the tank, the wastes start to break down. Second, a few days later, the water is brought into a greenhouse full of plants and fish. With the help of sunlight, plants and animals, many chemicals can be removed from the water.In our life,We can cycling use of water.




Scientists are trying to make the deserts into good land again. They want to bring water to the deserts so that people are can live and grow food.They are learning a lot about the deserts. But more and more of the earth is becoming deserts all the time. Scientists may not be able to change the deserts in time. Why is more and more land becoming deserts? Scientists think that people make deserts. People are doing bad things to the earth. Some places on the earth don't get very much rain, but they still don't become deserts. This is because some green ants are growing there. Small green plants and grass are very important to dry places. Plants don't let the hot sun make the earth even drier. Plants don't let the wind blow the dirt(泥土)away. When a little bit of(一点儿)rain falls, the plants hold the water. Without plants, the land will become deserts much more easily.



  • ( B )1. Why do scientists want to bring water to the deserts?

A. Because they are trying to make the deserts into good land again.
B. They want people to live and grow food there.
C. Because they are learning a lot about the deserts.
D Because more and more earth is becoming deserts all the time.

  • ( C )2. Why is more and more land becoming deserts?

A. There isn't a lot of water over there.
B. There aren't many plants and animals on the land.
C. There are many people doing bad things to the earth.
D Because scientists bring too much water into the deserts.

  • ( A )3.What does the underlined word"they"refer to(指代)?

A. Some places.
B. Deserts.
D. Bad things.
C Scientists.

  • ( A )4.Some places not getting much rain didn't change into deserts because____.

A. there are some green plants growing there
B. there are a lot of scientists on the land
C. some scientists have brought much water to the land
D. people grow too many plants there

  • ( D )5. Why is the land easy to become deserts without plants?

A. Because plants are green.
B. Because deserts like plants very much.
C. Because land can't live without plants.
D. Because the plants can hold water, there isn't much dry dirt.


6.小组问题:What human behavior can turn land into desert?How should we mitigate(缓解) the desert problem?至少60个单词。
答:Cuting down too many trees can turn land into deserts.We can to protect the environment to mitigate the desert problem..First ,we should not leave rubbish here and there.Second,do not walk on glass or pick flowes.Third,everyone should plant more trees.In short,we should do everything we can to mitigate the desert problem.



Sandstorms have a great effect on many Asian countries for centuries. Scientists have tries many ways to solve this problem and so have people in China. In the world. there are four main places where the sandstorms happen. They are Central Asia, North America. Central Africa and Australia. Northwest China is part of the sandstorm centre in Central Asia. Sandstorms begin in desert areas. Sandstorms in China appear more often because of climate changes and because people cut down trees and dig up grass. They sometimes affect Beijing. People wake up in the morning to find an orange sky and strong winds with thick, brown-yellow dust covering the whole city. The storms sometimes last all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes it difficult to see. When a sandstorm arrives in the city, people had better not go out.Huang Xiaomei, who lives in Beijing, says, Cycling in a sandstorm is terrible. The winds are very strong. It's difficult to breathe and the dust makes me ill. So if you want to go out,you'd better wear a mask(口罩).” The desert is only 250 kilometres away to the west of Beijing. To prevent it coming nearer, the government is planting trees. So far, the government has already planted more than 30 billion trees and plans to continue planting for the next five years. People hope it can help.



  • ( B )7. Where is part of the sandstorm centre in Asia?

A. North America.
B. Central Africa.
C. Northwest China.
D. Northeast China.

  • ( A )8. Which one isn't the reason why sandstorms happen a lot in China?

A. Climate changes
B. Cutting down trees.
C Digging up grass.
D. Too many deserts.

  • ( B )9. What's the meaning of the underlined word "dust"?


  • ( A )10. What should you do when the sandstorm arrives?

A. Stay at home.
B. Ride bikes to work.
C. Make more masks.
D. Plant more trees.

  • ( C )11. What's the passage mainly about?

A. Sandstorms' effect.
B. What sandstorms are.
C. Sandstorms in Beijing.
D. How to prevent sandstorms.


12.小组问题:How do sandstorms affect our lives?至少60个单词。
答:Sandstorms can makes us ill.People want to go all wear a mask everyday.And the wind has become strongly to have peoples face.we need to do something to protect the environment.



Recycle rubbish.png

Have you seen some machines that eat used plastic bottles and give some coins to the users? Recently, such machines have appeared at universities in Chongqing. They can turn rubbish into treasure and encourage the public to recycle rubbish. The machine is as large as a fridge. Users put an empty bottle in the machine. It is identified (识别 )by a small camera. Then it is put into a built-in bin. The users can get some coins. They can also give away the money. When the machine is filled with bottles, it will tell the company's head office. Nearby stations will send workers to have bottles collected. They pack and send them to the company. The bottle recycling machines have greatly encouraged the public to recycle rubbish and saved natural resources. Now the machine only eats plastic bottles. At sometime in the future it will also cover others, such as glass bottles to turn more rubbish into treasure and make full use of the natural resources. People can also see similar machines in Shanghai. In the future, more and more such machines will appear at some large stations. Bus stops, neighborhoods and schools may have a long way to go.



  • ( C )13. What can you get if you put some used plastic bottles into the machines which have appeared at universities in Chongqing?

A. Some cameras.
B. Some rubbish.
C. Some coins
D. Some bottles.

  • ( A )14. What s the meaning of the underlined word "treasure"?


  • ( A )15. Who collected the bottles in the machines?

A. The users of the machines.
B. The students nearby.
C. The company's officers.
D. The company's workers.

  • ( B )16. Why do people build more recycling machines?

A. To make more money.
B. To save natural resources
C. To make plastic bottles.
D. To save more Too.

  • ( D )17. Where can you see the recycling machines now?

A. Only in Chongqing.
B. Only in Shanghai.
C. In Chongqing and Shanghai.
D. In Chongqing and Beijing.


小组问题:How do they turn waste into treasure? How does this affect our lives?至少60个单词。
答:People collect waste materials turn them into something that is good for our life, Save things for our life and protect the environment.





Winter is dangerous because’s difficult to know what is going to happen and accidents happen so easily in winter. For can be waiting to meet you over the top of a hill. Ice ahead might be hiding under the melting(融化)snow, waiting to send you off the road. The car coming towards you may suddenly go across the road. Rule Number One for driving on icy roads Is to drive smoothly. Sudden movements can make a car very difficult to control. So every time you turn the wheel, touch the brakes(刹车)or Increase your speed you must do as smoothly y and slowly as possible. Imagine you are driving with a full cup of hot coffee on the seat next to you. Drive carefully and make sure that the coffee won't spill out of the cup. Rule Number Two is to be careful about what might happen. The more ice there is, the further down the road you have to look. Test how long it takes to stop by smooth braking. Remember that you may be driving more quickly than you think. So keep enough distance when the road is wet. Three times this distance on snow, and even more on ice. Try to stay in control of your car at all times and you will get away from trouble.



  • ( C )1. What is the writer trying to do in this passage?

A. Complain about bad winter driving.
B. Give information about winter weather.
C. Warn people against driving in winter.
D. Tell people about sale winter driving.

  • ( B )2. What does the writer think of winter driving?

A. People should not drive in snowy weather.
B. Drivers should expect problems in winter and drive as carefully as possible.
C. People drive too fast in winter.
D. Winter drivers should use their brakes less

  • ( C )3. Why does the writer talk about a cup of coffee?

A. To explain how to make smooth movements.
B. Because he thinks coffee is important for drivers.
C. Because he wants drivers to be more relaxed.
D. To show how it can be spilled.

  • ( C )4. When you drive on snow, you must keep the distance_____as that on wet roads?

A. the same
B. two times
C. three times
D. four times

  • ( A )5. Which of the following signs can show the main idea of the passage?




6.小组问题:Do you prefer winter or summer?What dangers might there be in play during that season?至少60个单词。
答:I like summer.Because I can exercise.But it makes me tanned and Prone to drowning in summer.But I like it.




Naney lived in New Jersey with her parents while her grandma lived in a big old house in New York. Each summer she went to visit her with her parents. This summer, Grandma did not seem happy as she used to be. She seemed worried a lot. " What's wrong with Grandma? " Nancy asked her mom. " The noise pollution is getting to her, " Mom said. " Do you mean the noise from all those cars?" Nancy asked. " Yes. "Mom said. "When Grandma moved here many years ago,there wasn’t such a big road here. Now they made it very g so people can get to work in the city. There are also many big trucks on this road. They make so much noise. The noise pollution really gets to Grandma. " " But how can we make the noise stop?" Nancy asked. " We have been fighting with the people who nun the highway. It's taken a long time, but they are going to built a noise barrier to help. "Mom said. " What's a noise barrier?"Naney asked. " It looks like a big wall, "Mom said. "Maybe this is the only way they can help. It will be 15 to 20 feet high. It can stop some of the noise on the roads from spreading into peoples houses.The wall took so long to be built because there's not enough money for these things. " " Will it help make grandma happy? "asked Nancy. " I hope so, "Mom said. "It may not look very nice, but it should give her some Peace and quietness. "



  • ( D )7. Who did Naney live with?

A. Her grandpa.
B. Her grandparents.
C. Her grandma.
D. Her parents.

  • ( A )8. What made Naney's grandma unhappy?

A. The noise pollution.
B. he air pollution.
C. The soil pollution.
D. The water pollution

  • ( C )9. What's the meaning of the underlined word "barrier"?

A. 电池
B. 消声器
C. 屏障
D. 关卡

  • ( B )10. Why did people build more barriers instead of walls?

A. Because there's no need.
B. Because there's no enough money.
C. Because walls can't stop the noise.
D. Because walls make too much noise.

  • ( D)11.Where did Nancy’s grandmother probably live according to the passage?

A. In the countryside.
B. Next to a railway station.
C. Near a park.
D. Near the highway.



12.小组问题:How does noise pollution affect our life?至少60个单词。
答:Noise pollution has become a serious problem.It is bad for our health. Noise pollution will make us feel unhappy and ill.In short,we should take measures to stop the noise pollution.




A report from BBC says that in Brazil’s large city, Sao Paulo, hoodlums(暴徒)attacked ten homeless people while they were sleeping in the downtown areas. Some of these people died. Sao Paulo has a large population. About eighteen million people live there. At least 10, 000 people are homeless. Homeless people found under bridges and on park benches in the cities. The problem of homelessness has brought many problems to the country. Malcolm lived in the heart of his city. But for much of his life. he never had a real home. He was homeless on the streets of Sao Paulo. He was cold in winter. He didn’t know how to take care of himself. He feels that he other young men. Today, he turned to alcohol(酒) to help himself feel better, but that made everything worse. Malcolm felt much lonelier. Luckily, a housing association(协会)offered him help.There he shared a small apartment with four other young men. Today, he has only one roommate. He has learned to take care of life. He feels that he is finally making some progress in his life. Malcolm is lucky, but other homeless people in Brazil still need help. Today, Malcolm’s bright brown eyes are full with hope. He has heard of the saying, "Home is where the heart is. " He is grateful that his heart…and the rest of him... finally have a real home!



  • ( D ) 13. What's the population of Sao Paulo?

A. About one million.
B. About eight million.
C. About ten million.
D. About eighteen million.

  • ( B )14. Where did Malcolm live?

A. In England.
B. In Brazil.
C. In America.
D. In India.

  • ( C )15. How did Malcolm feel after he turned to alcohol?

A. Much happier.
B. Much more hopeless.
C. Much lonelier.
D. Much better.

  • ( B )16. Why did Malcolm make progress in his life now?

A. Because he found a good job now.
B. Because a housing association was helping him.
C. Because he had a small apartment now.
D. Because the government offered him much money.

  • ( C )17.What’s the best title for the passage?

A. Home is where the heart is
B. Where there is a will, there is a way.
C. How to help the homeless people In Brazil.
D. A news report from BBC.



18.小组问题:What do you think is the solution to homelessness?至少60个单词。
答:I think we should often to help the homeless people.We can give them some clothes and food.To helps others makes us happy.





People in other countries eat different food from us. In some places, for example, rice is an Important food. In others, such as Britain and America, bread made from wheat is the most important food. In many African countries a kind of corn called maize is the most Important food. Most countries have dishes that were first created there. In China, sweet and sour pork and fried rice are very common. In Thailand and India, people eat many different curries. They like their food hot and spicy(辛辣的). In England, a favorite dish is roast beef. The Italians eat pasta, which is a kind of noodle made from wheat. French food is very famous, everywhere. It's often very rich. In recent years, fast food-sometimes called junk food-has become very popular. It was invented in the US, and the first fast food was the hamburger. The interesting thing is that a hamburger doesn't actually contain ham. It's made of ground beef. There are restaurants selling hamburgers in most cities of the world.



  • ( F )1. The most important food in America is bread made from rice.
  • ( T )2. People like maize best in many African countries.
  • ( F )3. Italians like eating hot and spicy food.
  • ( T )4. French food is very rich, for example roast beef is their favorite
  • ( F )5. The first fast food was the hamburger and it was invented in America.


6.小组问题:Please introduce your favorite food of Chinese traditional foods.至少60个单词。
答:Dumplings,baochi,nochi,youbing is my favorite food.It taste is very delicious.




Robots are coming into people's lives these days. Robots help people a lot. Japanese housekeeping robots can move chairs, sweep the floor, take away dirty dishes and put dirty clothes in washing machines. Intel, the famous computer maker, has developed a self-controlled robot called Herb. Herb can do simple things that people tell it to do,such as cleaning up waste. Recently a large robot named "Probo "has been helping children to feel less worried in hospital. Probo bas a touch screen on its stomach. The screen teaches children how to use Probo. The green robot's face can make expressions to show how medical operations will make the child feel. "The main aim of this project is to make emotional communication(情感交流) with children, " said Jelle Saldien, one of the researchers. Probo was invented by Ivan Hermans, president of the Anty Foundation. He had the idea after seeing the film I,Robot. Probo's green head and short nose are fully automated(使自动化). Its touch screen can show different emotions, such as pleasure and sadness, and can also "see "the expressions on human faces and make eye contact.



  • ( B ) 7. Herb that the famous computer maker developed is_______.

A. a man-controlled robot
B. a self-controlled robot
C. a Japanese baby
D. a very large robot

  • ( B )8. Probo was invented in order to_______.

A. look after children in hospital
B. teach children how to use it
C. show expressions to children
D. make emotional communication with children

  • ( C )9._____made Ivan Hermans have the idea about inventing "Probo".

A. Herb
B. Children in hospital
C. The film I Robot
D. Different emotions

  • ( B )10.The author implies(暗示)that______.

A. the Japanese robot can help children to do their homework
B. Herb can help people to do housework
C. robots will take the place of people in the future
D. Ivan is an inventor and the president of his country

  • ( D )11. It can be learned from the passage that__________.

A. people are not allowed to touch Probo's stomach
B. Probo has two kinds of feeling: happiness and sadness
C. when a boy is happy, Probo can know how he feels
D. Probo is one of the robots in the film I, Robot



12.小组问题:How do you think "emotional communication"(情感交流) is helpful to patients?至少60个单词。
答:Yes,I agree with you.emotional communication is good for patients healthy.emotional communication can makes the patients has become optimistic.




My son, Owen, was angry with my dad on holiday. On the way back to the airport, they stopped at a hotel for the night. They didn't notice that Puppy, my sons pet dog, was lost until the next night when Owen was going to bed. Owen has autism(孤独症)and cannot sleep without Puppy. My dad called the hotel to see if Puppy was there. In fact, someone there had found Puppy and the hotel mailed Puppy to my dad. They hoped that it would reach my son before the flight home. But Puppy didn't make it, and Owen had to go home with my dad alone. The flight home was filled with kind people. A lady saw Owen was upset about Puppy, so she went to buy another dog for him. I can never thank the hotel enough for sending Puppy back when they did not have to, and the lady at the airport who made Owen feel a little safer. Owen never forgot about Puppy's trip, so when he got two tickets to a basketball game, he decided to give them to two friends. They were basketball fans and they were going to watch the game outside. Owen told me that Puppy would have never come home if people had not been nice, so he wanted to be nice to others. Owen opens doors for others, and he is always giving his old toys away to kids who don't have any. Every time he does that, his face lights up with pride.



  • ( C )13. What was lost on Owen's way home?

A. Owen.
B. His toy.
C. His pet dog.
D. His grandpas pet.

  • ( C )14. Whom did the grandfather go home with?

A. Owen.
B. Owen and another dog.
C. Puppy.
D. Another dog.

  • ( D )15. Who got two tickets to a basketball game and watched the game?

A. Owen.
B. Owen's grandfather.
C. The lady.
D. Owen's two friends.

  • ( A )16. According to the passage, how many dogs does Owen have now?

A. One.
B. Two.
C. Three.
D. Four.

  • ( B )17. According to the passage, what do you think of Owen now?

A. He still has autism.
B. He is kind and helpful.
C. I don't know.
D. He never helps others.

标准答案: CBDBB


18.小组问题:Why does Owen want to be nice to people?至少60个单词。
答:Owen opens doors for others, and he is always giving his old toys away to kids who don't have any. Every time he does that, his face lights up with pride and Owen helps others people because helping others is helping yourself.





For most people, the world “fashion” means “clothes”. But people may ask the question “What clothes are in fashion? ” and they use the adjective “fashionable” in the same way: “She was wearing a fashionable color.”But of course there are fashions in many things, not only in clothes. There are fashions in holidays, restaurants, films and books. There are even fashions in school subjects, Jobs and languages.Fashions change as time goes. If you look at pictures of people or things from the past, you will see that fashions have always changed. An English house of 1750 was different from his grandson’s in 1860.Today fashions change very quickly. Some of this is natural. We hear about things much more quickly than in the past. Newspapers, radios, telephones and televisions send information from one county to another in a few hours.New fashions mean that people will buy new things. So you can see there is money in fashion.



  • ( B )1. From this passage we know that “fashion” means_____.

A. clothes
B. many things
C. everything
D. most of the popular things

  • ( B )2. The underlined word “fashionable” means_____.


  • ( A )3. Which of the following things is fashionable today?

A. Surfing on the Internet.
B. Doing morning exercises at school
C. Having a family dinner on New Years Day.
D. Learning to sing songs on the radio.

  • ( B )4. Today fashions change very quickly because______.

A. people read newspapers every day
B. radios send information from one country to another
C. new things that people like are often shown on TV
D. people quickly learn what is happening in the world

  • ( C )5. “There is money in fashion” means______.

A. clothes are expensive
B. money comes from fashion
C. people like new things
D. there are no fashions without money



6.小组问题:How do you see “fashion” evolving(发展) from society?至少60个单词。
答:I think the fashion is good for evolving from society.and the fashion play an important part in our life.




I have been a news reporter for the past fifteen years. The Job, has taught me many unforgettable lessons. I have seen not only wars, poverty and death, but also courage(勇气), hope and happiness.In India, A saw many homeless children. Some were as young as four years old. They lived in the streets begging(乞讨) or stealing. But then a wonderful lady called Rosa opened a home for them. Within one year she was looking after two hundred children. She provided them with food and clothes. and taught them. She gave them hope.Another time, I was in Turkey alter a terrible earthquake, I found an old lady whose house had fallen down. Her son was missing and people said there was no chance that he was still alive. But the lady did not give up hope. For four days, she moved heavy stones one at a time. She did not stop until she found her son. He was alive.Here in China. I was surprised when I met a young boy who had had twenty operations and spent nearly his whole life in hospital. I thought he would be sad, but when I met him, his smile was so nice and warm.In life, we need models that we can learn from. When my life is difficult. I try to remember the courage and kindness of these three people.



  • ( B )7. How long has the writer been a news reporter?

A. Ten years.
B. Fifteen years.
C. Twenty years.
D. Twenty-five years.

  • ( A )8.What did Rosa provide for the homeless children?

A. Money.
B. Schools.
C. Fool and clothes.
D. Jobs.

  • ( C )9. What does the underlined word “poverty” mean in the passage?


  • ( B )10. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Rosa has looked after two hundred homeless children all over the world.
B. The old lady in India found and saved his son with the help of the police.
C. The young boy who had had twenty operations gave up hope for life.
D. The writer has an active attitude(态度)towards life.

  • ( D )11. What did the writer write the passage for?

A. To ask people to give a hand to those who are in trouble.
B. To ask people to work hard for better life.
C. To ask people to care for children who are homeless or with serous disease.
D. To ask people to live with love, hope and courage.



12.小组问题:What have you learning from the passage?至少60个单词。
答:India has too many homeless children.They lired in the streets begging or stealing.We should helps them,We can piovide for the homeless children some food and clothes,To helps others makes us happy.




In developed countries in the world, some have a large population. For example, there are about 56 million people in the United Kingdom. This is a large population for such a small country. But there are few people in large parts of the country. Most of the population is crowded into the big cities and industrial areas. About 90% of the People live in cities and towns. Only about 10% live in the countryside. Today very few people-less than 2% are farmers and farm workers. England has the most people in the United King. About 46 million live in England. Of these, about 14 million people live in London and the southeast London is now a city of about 7 million people. Most of Scotland’s population live in the middle part. The mountains in the north and the south have a very small population. Less than 3 million people live in Wales. There are only about one and a half million people in Northern Ireland, and one third live around the big industrial city of Belfast.



  • ( B )13. What is the United Kingdom like?

A. It’s a big country with a large population.
B. It’s a small country with a large population.
C. It’s a big country with a small population
D. It’s a small country with a small population.

  • ( C )14. Where do most of the people in the United Kingdom live?

A. In cities and towns
B. In the countryside
C. In every part of the count
D. In the south of the country

  • ( A )15. London is a ____ city.

A. quiet
B. small
C. crowned
D. new

  • ( C )16. Most of the people live in the___ in Scotland.

A. northwest
B. middle part
C. southeast
D. northeast

  • ( C )17. What’s the population of Northern Ireland?

A. About 100,000.
B. About 500.000.
C. About 1,000,000.
D. About 1,500,000.



18.小组问题:Would you rather live in the city or in the countryside? why?至少60个单词。
答:I like live in the countryside.Because the countryside aie was very fresh and the water was clean,and you could see bees and butters dancing.and the city air pollution has a very serious problem.What is worse,the city makes too much noise makes me can not sleep well at night..and city has the larger population.




After the Civil War, more factories appeared in the United States More factories meant that more people were needed to work in them. These people came from all over the country and all over the world. At the time, there were no laws to stop children from working in a factory, so many of the workers were small children.Many children left school and went to work when they were only twelve or thirteen years old. If a family member was hurt, the son or daughter had to go to work at an even younger age. Children as young as eight worked in factories. By the end of the 1800s,twenty percent of children from ten to sixteen were work in all the children had a hard life. Because of their age, factory owners paid them less money. Children could not do the work of men, so factory owners thought it was deserved to pay them less. Also, paying them less meant the factory owner made more money.Working for too long hours was another big problem. Most children worked for twelve to fourteen hours a day. There was no time for them to go to school and it was bad for their health. Without an education, the children had no hope of learning skills to get a better job.Today Americans and the people all over the world feel that child labor is wrong. So most countries have made laws to stop it and care for the children well.



  • ( A )1. Why were so many small children workers in America after the Civil War?

A. Because more factories appeared
B. Because many children left school
C. Because their families were too poo
D. Because there were no laws to stop it

  • ( A )2. How old were the youngest child labors in American history according the passage?


  • ( D )3. What does the underlined word "deserved" mean in Chinese?


  • ( C )4. What did harm to children’s health?

A.Too long working hours
B.No chance to go to school
C.Too less pay
D.No education

  • ( B )5.What’s the passage about?

A. More factories needed more workers.
B. The problem of American child labors.
C. Many countries made laws to stop child labors.
D. Children in America left school at a young age.


6.小组问题:What do you think about “child labor”?至少60个单词。
答:I think child labor is a secrets problem.The problem is bad for childrens healthily and it make children can not go to school.



Learning English.png

When you are learning English, you' l find it not clever to put an English sentence word into your own language. Take the sentence "How do you do? "for example. If you look up each word in the dictionary, then what is your translation? It must be a wrong sentence in your own language.Languages do not just have different sounds, they are also different in many ways. It important to master the rules for word order in the study of English, too. If the speakers put words in the wrong order, the listeners can't understand the speakers sentence easily. Sometimes when the order of words in an English sentence changes, the meaning of the sentence changes too. But sometimes when the order is changed, the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change, Let’s see the difference between the two pairs of sentences. "She only likes apples. ""Only she likes apples. " "I have seen the film already. ""I have already seen the film. " When you are learning English, you must do your best to get the spirit of the language and use it as the English speaker does.



  • ( A )7. From the passage we know that when we are learning English________.

A. we shouldn't put a sentence word by word into our own language
B. we should look up every word in the dictionary
C. we need to put every word into our own language
D. we must read word by word

  • ( C )8. The writer thinks it is_________in learning English

A. difficult to understand different sounds
B. possible to remember the word order
C. important to master the rules for word order
D. easy to master the rules for word order

  • ( A )9.We can learn from the passage that_______.

A. the meaning of an English sentence always changes with the order of the words
B. the order of words can never change the meaning of an English sentence
C. sometimes different order of words has a different meaning
D. if the order of words is different, the meaning of the sentence must be different

  • ( B )10. "She only likes apples "______.

A. is the same as“Only she likes apples.”
B. is different from "Only she likes apples.”
C. means "She likes fruit except apples.”
D. means“She doesn't like apples.”

  • ( C )11.Which is the best title for the passage?

A. Pay Attention to the Translation of the English Sentences
B. Master the Rules for Word Order
C. The Importance of Learning English
D. How to Learn English


12.小组问题:How do you learn English?至少60个单词。
答:I think it is important for us to English well.about learn English well we should remember word and understand the English meaning.




You may know that some English words come from French.One interesting thing is that when we talk about meat at the table, we use French words. But when we talk about animals, English words are used. For example, a pig is called "pig" when it's living, but it's called "pork" when it is killed and when its meat is brought to the table.When the Normans(诺曼人) ruled England,English farmers were made to raise animals for food, but they could not eat the meat. The meat was sent to the Normans' tables. The farmers could only eat rabbit, because rabbit all over the fields and rabbit meat was cheap. So the meat of a rabbit was not changed into a French Word.It was called "rabbit" by the English farmers at that time and is still called rabbit today.



  • ( C )13. We know that the word "pork" is______.

A. a kind of animal
B. really an English word
C. really a French word
D. used only by Frenchmen

  • ( C )14. The English famers were made t raise animals by______.

A. the farmers themselves
B. the landlords(地主)
C. the Normans
D. the owners of the animals

  • ( B )15. Which of the following sentence is WRONG?

A. A rabbit is a kind of animal
B. "Pig" is another way of saying "pork
C. The expressions of some meat of animals were changed into French words.
D. The farmers could eat rabbit. because it was cheap when the Normans ruled England

  • ( C )16. When the meat of a cattle(奶牛)is brought to a table, it is_______.

A.known as "pork" in English
B.a kind of French food
C.changed to another thing
D. called "beef" in English now

  • ( A )17.In the sentence " When the Normans ruled England", which of the following can substitute(替换)“ruled”?

A. had power to control the country and the people of
B. moved to live in
C. were born in
D. became the king of


18.小组问题:How to understand "the meat of a rabbit was not changed into a French Word"?至少60个单词。
答:I think French dislike the meat of a rabbit and It was called "rabbit" by the English farmers at that time and is still called rabbit today.

2.确认 It 大小写使用正确。



As our life is changing, the living and medical conditions are becoming better, and the population of the world is growing faster. The Population growth has caused many problems such as the traffic problem. Every country has different methods to solve this problem. For example, in London, traffic has become the main problem because of the large population. The government has decided to have a bike revolution(革命)in order to solve this problem. It has planned to provide 6000 bikes and encouraged local people to ride bikes. Although there were not enough bikes, an official said that they would take some measures to deal with such a shortage.Local people can get these bikes at special docking stations(停靠站). More than 12, 450 keys have already been handed out to the local people, but only 6,000 keys can be used now.The cost you need to pay is low. One key costs£3, and you need to spend £1 one hour using the bike.The official from the government said they also had to face a lot of problems. For example, some bikes can be stolen. But they would try their best to solve all the problems in order to make the bike revolution successful.



  • ( B )1. In London, the government decided to provide bikes for local people to solve the____problem.

A. population
B. traffic
C. education
D. environment

  • ( B )2. The government has already handed out_____ keys to the local people.

A. about 6.000
B. more than 12, 450
C. about 315
D. more than 12.000

  • ( A )3. In the passage,the underlined word “ shortage” means “_____”in Chinese.

A. 短缺
B. 膨胀
C. 挑战
D. 困难

  • ( B )4. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The government encouraged local people to drive cars in London.
B. People can get these bikes at special docking stations.
C. People need to pay £4 for the key of the bike.
D. The official from the government said none of the bikes is stolen.

  • ( D )5.The passage mainly tells us _____.

A. the different means of transportation in London
B. how the docking stations were built in London
C. different ways to solve the traffic problem
D. the bike revolution in London



6.小组问题:What benefits have shared Bicycle brought to your life?(OFO、Mobike)至少60个单词。
答:Not only make our lives convenient,but also very cheap。Also make the bike revolution successful.The most important thing is to be green ,shared Bicycle can make our life become more and more convenient and it no emissions,it will not pollution of the environment.



China had a good year in 2010. The year began with China's best performance at the Vancouver(温哥华) Winter Olympics.Zhou Yang won China's first gold medal. Then Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo's gold medal and Wang Meng's three gold medals all showed a good beginning to China. Another sport event was the Asian Games in Guangzhou, where China finished at the top of the medals table and saw Liu Xiang return to his winning form. In science, China launched the second moon satellite-chang'e-2. In another area, China developed the world's fastest computer-tianhe-1A, It's almost 1.5 times faster than America’s fastest computer.2010 also saw China continue its economic growth by beating Japan to become world's No 2 economy. Experts think that China will overtake(超过)the United States, the No.I economy, by the year 2030.The biggest success of 2010, of course, was the Shanghai World Expo, The Expo was a six-month party for Shanghai and China. It attracted more than 70 million visitors to enjoy the color and excitement of the Expo and it set a new record for World Expos. All in all, 2010 was a very good year.



  • ( A )7. At the Vancouver Winter Olympics the Chinese team won_____gold medal.

A. three
B. four
C. five
D. six

  • ( B )8. The"Tianhe-1A"may be the name of a__________.

A. satellite
B. computer
C. game
D. spaceship

  • ( C )9.The biggest success of 2010 was_____.

A. the Asian Games in Guangzhou
B. the second moon satellite-chang'e-2
C. he Shanghai World
D. the world's fastest computer-tianhe-lA

  • ( C )10. Now China has overtaken_____and become the world's No. 2 economy.

A. the United States
B. Canada
C. Japan
D. England

  • ( A )11.The best title for the passage may be_____.

A. A Good Year for China
B. Shanghai World Expo
C. The Success of China
D. The Great China



12.小组问题:What is the most impressive thing about 2018?(The Asian Games、The winter Olympics)至少60个单词。
答:I think the Asian games impressed me.China won 132 gold MEDALS At the top of the list.China has made remarkable achievements in the Asian games ,The Asian Games。Among them, China won the most gold MEDALS,China wins with outstanding results.




Waste can be seen everywhere in the school. Some students buy more food than they can eat and others often forget to turn off the lights when they leave the classroom.They say they can afford these things. But I don't agree with them.Waste can bring a lot of problems. Although China is rich in some resourees(资源), we are short of others. for example, fresh water. It is reported that we will have no coal or oil to use in 100 years. So if we go on wasting our resources, what can we use in the future and where can we move? Think about it. I think we should say "No" to the students who waste things every day. Everybody should stop wasting as soon as possible.In our everyday life. we can do many things to stop waste from happening, for example,turn off the lights when we leave the classroom,try not to buy more food than we need, and so on. Little by little, everything may change. Waste can be stopped one day, if we do our best.



  • ( A )13. Some students often buy more food than they can eat because_____.

A. they think they can afford the food
B. the food is delicious
C. they think the food is expensive for them
D. they like to waste things

  • ( B )14. What may happen in 100 years?

A. There will be enough oil.
B. There will be no coal or oil.
C. There will be a lot of oil
D. There will be enough coal.

  • ( B )15. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Everyone can waste things.
B. It's important for us not to waste things.
C. China is rich in any resources.
D. Students never waste things.

  • ( C )16. What can we do to stop waste from happening according to

A. We should use less water and fewer lights.
B. Ask for more food than we can eat.
C. Remember to tum off the lights and water taps when we don' need them.
D. We should go to school by bus.

  • ( D )17.What does the passage mainly tell us?

A. We can't throw rubbish everywhere.
B. China is rich in fresh water.
C. Students always save things.
D. Waste brings many problems.


18.小组问题:What do you find waste about the school around you? And how will you handle (解决)it?至少60个单词。
答: I will prevent them litter.I think this behavior is shameful and I'm not going to waste anything like that ,The food。We can make posters, copy newspapers by hand, and hold a class meeting,Tell the students not to waste food,Save food.


[动词错误] 请检查prevent them litter,确认动词用法正确。 请正确使用标点符号。




On Children's Day in 2004, Hong Kong held a special activity. In this activity, children and parents acted as the rich and the poor. In the dinner, the rich could have delicious food while the poor could only have bread with porridge. Parents all hoped to have the dinner for the poor with their children. They hoped that their children could be taught a lesson from the dinner. Now many people in the world don’t have enough food or clothes. Every day only half of the world can enjoy enough food. The activity wanted to make the families understand the difference between the poor and the rich, and also to make the parents know that too good material (物质) life won't always do good to children.



  • ( C )1. The activity was held____ in Hong Kong?

A. on July 1st, 2004
B. on May 1st, 2004
C. on June 1st, 2004
D. on August 1st, 2004

  • ( C )2. In the activity, the parents hoped to_______.

A. give their children delicious food
B. give food to the poor
C. have the delicious food with their children
D. have the bread and porridge with their children

  • ( A )3. Today only half the people in the world____.

A. have enough to eat
B. are rich
C. are poor
D. need neither food nor clothes

  • ( B )4. The activity wanted to make the families understand______.

A. why the poor want to be rich
B. the difference between the poor and the rich
C. why the rich wanted to be richer
D. why the rich wanted to be poor

  • ( A )5.From the passage we can know that_______.

A. too good material life may be bad for the children
B. the children like to be rich
C. the parents were poor
D. the poor were in trouble



6.小组问题:How do you think "too good material life won't always do good to children"?至少60个单词。
答:Yes,I think if the material conditions are too favorable, it will be counterproductive. Children who are overindulged are always surrounded by their parents who do not know how to consider others. They do not care about others. They are self-centered, selfish and self-interestedhe parents too spoil the child bad, can make the child nurturance。Parents should be strict with their children。 Parents should cultivate their children's independence



Ma Yan is not really a writer. But this 15-year-old girl has written a book-her diary. Many people around the world have been moved by her diary. Ma Yan's diary tells us about Ma's life. She lives in a poor village called Zhangjiashu in Tongxin,Ningxia. Ma is now a student of Grade Nine in Yuwang Junior High School in Tongxin. Before this, she had left school twice. She had to stop studying the first time because Mom told her they didn't have any money. Then she worked for 21 days and earned 13 yuan. With the money,she went back to school. The second time, her family told her she had to leave school so that her two brothers could stay there. “I want to study," Ma wrote in her diary. “Why can boys study, but girls not? It would be wonderful if I could stay at school forever.” Ma loves school so much because she wants to live a better life.“My parents work hard in the fields but they are still poor. They have no knowledge. Most girls in my village leave school early and get married when they are young. I don't want that kind of life," says Ma. After her story became known, many French students sent money to her and other poor girls in Zhangjiashu so that they could stay at school. Ma's dream is still the same as ever to study. She hopes to go to Tsinghua University and then become a reporter. "Then I can find poor kids like me and help them," she says.



  • ( C )7. Ma Yan wrote a book because she wanted_______.

A. everyone to know about her life
B. to learn Chinese better
C. the French writer to help her
D. to make some money

  • ( B )8. How many times did Ma Yan leave school?

A. Once.
B. Twice.
C. Three times.
D. Four times.

  • ( C )9.Ma Yan had to leave school because___?

A. the teacher didn’t let her write the book
B. the village didn't let girls study
C. her parents need her help in the fields
D. her family couldn’t afford her schooling

  • ( D )10. What does Ma Yan mean by saying "a better life"?

A. To live and work in the city.
B. Never to get married.
C. To have knowledge and money.
D. Always to stay at school.

  • ( B )11.Ma Yan is going to_____ after she finishes her studies.

A. leave the village
B. help poor children like her
C. travel around the world
D. become a famous writer



12.小组问题:How do you think this view about “The boys can study, but girls not”?至少60个单词。
答:No,I think whatever the boy and girls have the right to learn. i think boys and girls can study。 learning is important to everyoneLearning should be equal




My mother, a Chinese old lady, is very happy with today's life. She always says people are very happy today. In the past, they used light from candles and heated with wood in the fireplace (壁炉). They had to go to bed when it was dark and they didn't listen to CDs or watch television. Now people can watch TV computer games until midnight and live in warm buildings. And she doesn't need to carry water from a well(井) and wood into the house to cook over fire every day. It's a pity that they didn't have a washing machine.Now she only needs to put the dirty clothes into the machine. My mother used to help in the garden,grow most of the food and feed the animals. My mother also says they had to walk where they wanted to go. If they were rich, they owned a horse. They didn't have cars. What's more, to my mother’s surprise we don’t have to buy thing in shop. Now people can get whatever they want at home. At the beginning, she didn’t care,but there was one thing shocking her. Doing some sopping online is cheaper than in the shop. That makes my mother feel unfair.My mother decides to learn how to visit Taobao and buy things on it.Now my mother is an online shopping fan.She makes lot of friend by QQ .Her QQ name is Wendy.



  • ( C )13. The writer's mother is a(n)____old woman.

A. American
B. Japanese
C. Chinese
D. Canadian

  • ( A )14. What did people use to make their rooms bright?

A. Light from candles.
B. Light from wood.
C. Light from fireplaces.
D. Light from cars.

  • ( B )15. When it was dark, the writer's mother only____.

A. listened to CDs
B. went to bed
C. watched television
D. played games

  • ( A )16. How did people go where they wanted to go in the past?

A. By horse.
B. On foot.
C. By car.
D. A or B.

  • ( A )17. Why does the writer's mother want to go shopping online?

A. Because it is cheaper than in the shop.
B. Because itis easy for her to do it.
C. Because she likes the new things very much.
D. Because she is an online fan.


18.小组问题:What are the benefits of technology?(QQ、WeChat、Weibo、Ins...)至少60个单词。
答:They can make life easier.People can shopping on the web.people can chat on QQ.

2.请检查People can shopping,情态动词后面一般接动词原形。疑似谓语缺失,请检查。 语法错误,建议将shopping改为shop。 请确认句首单词大写。